Real Estate Sales & Leasing

Licensed by the california Bureau of real estate #01868707 

AE Commercial Real Estate

Tenant Placement & Buyer Representation

We help tenants & buyers find locations for their businesses, 
investment properties, and assist with sub-leasing existing spaces.

Whether upsizing, downsizing, relocating, or start-up, 
we give you options for your business/investments

There are typically no brokerage fees 
to tenants or buyers for our services!

Buyers and Tenants can end up paying more by trying to negotiate on their own behalf. 
Sellers and Landlords usually have a set fee structure regardless of 
whether or not you are represented by a Broker. 

While many Buyers and Tenants feel that they can save the Property Owner 
from paying broker’s fees by not negotiating through a broker and trying to use that 
as a bargaining tool, unless you are an expert, you could be overlooking other factors 
that can affect your bottom line significantly as well as expose you and your 
company to other liabilities and limit long term growth options. 

AE Commercial Real Estate’s Agents and Brokers are experienced in 
Lease & Sale negotiations and can help you navigate through the process, 
recommend safeguards, plan for future growth, implement exit strategies, 
and structure a contract to fit your specific needs.